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Meals for Minds Haitian Recipe Challenge
Raising Funds to Fight Hunger in Haiti!
Nov 15 2022 - Jan 6, 2023

In response to the plight of our Haitian children and families, our School Feeding Program, Meals for Minds will be serving MANY minds this year.  

Food costs have doubled (and tripled in some cases).   A daily lunch for a student this school year will cost $200.   We serve 65,000 lunches each school year.

Also, to support families, we will be providing at least one non-perishable food distribution to our school families.   

The Haitian Recipe Challenge - our friend to friend event - is set to raise $15,000 towards our overall $30,000 December campaign goal.
Stand in solidarity with our children and families in Haiti.   
Bring Hope this Holiday Season.   
Have Fun While Making An Impact.

Join the Haitian Recipe Challenge!

Your Impact

m4m - student5.jpg
Anabella Talien - Gr 5_edited.jpg

Annabella Talien


Remy Jean Philips_edited.jpg

Remy Jean Philip


Dieula Octema - Parent_edited.jpg

Dieula Octema


Beauvoir Fritsnel_edited.jpg

Beavoir Fritsnel


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