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School Parent

"You help give my children a better life"

Dieula has 5 children.   She has a child in Grade 5 and Grade 9 currently at IMR.   Her eldest child completed his education at IMR and will graduate from Highschool in June 2023!   

She dreams that all 5 of her children will go to University, to learn a skill or profession so that they do not live the same hard life she has experienced.

Dieula is so grateful for the education her children receive and the daily school meal she relies on to feed her children.   She says, "when my children eat, they are happy and have energy; they can study and learn and are not distracted with hunger and wondering when they will have their next meal".

Her gratitude for IMR and for the donors in Canada is immeasurable.   She knows she and her children will realize a better future because of their generosity.

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