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Throughout the year, we hold both "real-time" events and annual campaigns, so you can be involved and make an impact no matter where you live!


Can't make an event, but still want to make an impact?

No upcoming events at the moment


We are proud to have supporters from all across Canada!  You can make a difference and support our work year round!

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Launch A Learner

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Meals For Minds

Fight hunger on the front lines!

Children who are hungry are less able to learn, leading to problems that challenge academic success such as lower test scores and attention problems.   Hungry students are more likely to repeat a grade.

Your gift helps ensure our students' academic success!

Be a dream maker!

​Your choice to give the gift of education can literally change a life and make dreams come true!

Your gift gives promise to Haiti's future generations: to earn a living, to give back to their communities, to eliminate devastating poverty.

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