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St. Joseph's Elementary School
Kelowna, BC

Under the leadership of Ms. Hopley and her Grade 6 class, St. Joseph's Elementary School in Kelowna, BC provides a full education (tuition, books, uniform and daily meal) for 4 students at our school. 


We are grateful for the SJE community of students, teachers, and parents who support our students and their families!    Together, we are providing access to education, ending malnutrition, supporting families to stay together, and developing the next generation of leaders in Haiti!

Would your church, group, school, class, or business want to make a difference in children and families in Haiti, too?    Contact us today, or Launch one of our Learners by clicking here!

Wilnica, Almidor 231207_edited.jpg


Grade 4, 10 years old

Wilnica is in her second year of attendance at IMR.  She lives with her father.

Simeon, Ketlina 231207_edited.jpg


Grade 7, 14 years old

Ketlina is in her second year of attendance at IMR.  She lives with her father.

Milius, Milago 231207_edited.jpg


Grade 6, 15 years old

Milaglo is in her second year of attendance at IMR.  She lives with her mom.

Pierre, Levena 231207_edited.jpg


Grade 5, 10 years old

Levena has attended IMR for 8 years, starting in Preschool!   She lives with her parents.

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