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St. Anne's Parish

Under the leadership of Apostolic Committe, St. Anne's Parish in St. Thomas Ontario provides a full education (tuition, books, uniform and daily meal) for our student Widnerson Voltaire.


St. Anne's six-year partnership has also included annual support for our school feeding program, Meals for Minds, ensuring all our students receive a daily meal at school.

Most recently, St. Anne's has demonstrated their social justice leadership and provided a generous gift toward our school build and expansion


We are grateful for St. Anne's Parish's  support for our students and their families!   


Together, we are providing access to education, ending malnutrition, supporting families to stay together, and developing the next generation of leaders in Haiti!

Would your church, group, school, class, or business want to make a difference in children and families in Haiti, too?    Contact us today, or Launch one of our Learners by clicking here!

Voltaire, Jean Widnerson_IMG_0492.jpg


5 years old, Kindergarten

Widnerson has attended IMR since he was 3 years old.   He lives with his grandmother.

His favourite subject is French.   His favourite school meal is rice, bean sauce, and fish sauce.

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