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Our School Feeding Program (SFP), Meals for Minds, provides a hot daily lunch for our nearly 300 students during the school year.

That's 65,000 school lunches a year!

Only $0.50 / lunch - $100 to provide a daily lunch for 1 student for a year - helps to end malnutrition for our student, their siblings and their families.   


When a child in Haiti is fed at school, a family's food resources are extended.   Their younger siblings, parents, and any elderly relatives in the household are also able to eat, too. 

And the benefits of a School Feeding Program (SFP) don't stop at simply ending malnutrition.    

Child: nourished children consistently perform better academically.

Classroom: nourished children have less behavioural problems in the classroom.

Community: SFPs build human capital: the sum of a population's health, skills, knowledge, experience and habits.   SFPs contribute to the local economy, supporting local businesses.

End Malnutrition

You can support our School Feeding Program!

1. Make a direct gift to Meals for Minds and consider making it a recurring, monthly gift.   $10/month provides a daily lunch for a student for a year.   

2. Join the Haitian Recipe Challenge, our friend to friend online event, taking place November to December each year.   

3. Make a purchase in our Haitian Marketplace.   Haitian coffee, jewelry, Haitian tin metal artwork, Christmas decor - all direct from Haiti supporting local artisans and businesses.

4. Give a gift that gives - twice!   Purchase a donation gift card for Meals for Minds to mark any occasion or milestone in a loved one's life.

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