About 45% of the population in Haiti experiences chronic hunger.  The majority are children and youth under the age of 25. 

HIMH places a priority on fighting hunger, providing a hot meal five times a week during the school year. It is common for this to be the only meal our students receive in a day. 

Children who are hungry are less able to learn, leading to problems that challenge academic success such as lower test scores and attention problems.   Hungry students are more likely to repeat a grade.

You Can Fight Hunger!

We serve a daily lunch to our students during the school year. 


That's 50,00 lunches!

$30 provides a 20kg bag of rice

$45 provides a 10kg bag of rice

$100 provides a daily lunch for 1 student for a year.

Consider making your gift monthly, and help us fight hunger and grow minds all through the school year!

Looking for a gift?  

1. Singing Rooster fair trade coffee.   Purchases support Haitian farmers, the local Haitian economy, and fight hunger!

2. HIMH Board Beanie Toques

Proceeds from these items go toward our Meals for Minds program.

Who is most at risk for hunger?

What  contributes to hunger?

What are the effects of hunger?

Find out what you know about hunger by taking the quiz!

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