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Student - Grade 5

I dream of becoming a doctor!

Annabella is a grade 5 student.   She has been in our school since she started at age 3 in our Preschool class.    She hasn't missed a year of schooling, thanks to the generosity of our donors and supporters.

Annabella likes to learn; her favourite part of the day is simply being in class, listening to her teacher and working hard.

Her favourite meal at school is rice and beans and looks forward to the special Christmas lunch every year.

Anabella Talien - Gr 5_edited.jpg

The School Feeding Program is important to her family.   She says, "when I receive a meal at school, my mom doesn't need to use our own food as much, so it lasts longer.   My brother and I (who also attends IMR) eat every day of the week - including weekends -  because of the lunch we receive at school".

Annabella works so hard at school because she wants to become a doctor and work at IMR, providing healthcare to the students and their families.   She is so grateful for the 8 years of education she has had so far and wants to assure donors she's going to continue her education until she realizes her dream.

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