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Student Photo Day & Fun With Math!

With the art card project finished yesterday - all 260 students! - we focused today on taking updated, or new in some cases, photos of the students. With help from our Secretary Sophanie, school director Madame Remicile, and Assistant Director Gregory we were able to complete 5 classes today - nearly half the school’s students!

We also try to obtain a little information about each student, building on what we learned in previous years. This year we are learning who they live with at home. Typical answers are “mom and dad”, or just “mom/dad”, “grandmother”, and “auntie”.

I’ve also known that some of our students are

orphans, but never which of our students. This time, I have learned we have 11 students living in this type care and am learning which students.

While I wish that all children lived with birth parents or relatives, I know this is currently not realistic in Haiti. It’s why we do what we do - so that these future parents (our students!) have the skills, capacities and resources to remain as family units, when they have their own families.

Two of our sponsored students are orphans - if you are moved to help provide the gift of education for our other 9 orphans we would love for you to become a part of our sponsorship family!

You can start your sponsorship, right here - today!!

John has also been introducing new math games and manipulatives to our upper grade students. In the video below, our larger than life logistician, interpreter, and friend Paul shows the Grade 5 class how one of them works.



John and Paul show the Grade 5 class how to use the math wrap keys.


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