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A Warm Welcome!

First day at Institute Mixte Remax! And we received an incredibly warm welcome from Madame Maxime, Gregory, all the teaching staff and students. The students were asked if they remembered “Madame Louise” -lol! Most did not, but a few students did.

We showed them the art cards that were made from their art project last year. They were amazed that their peer’s art had been made into something so professional. And they were blown away with the $2,000 we’ve raised from the sales of the cards (thank you everyone who purchased - we have only a handful of sets left!!).

This project is not just “something to do with the students”. More importantly, it is a project that allows them to be active participants in the sustainability and development of their school - and you could see that many, many of the students really understood that lesson and were moved by it. Yeah!!

Tomorrow, we continue with the littles and the art project. So much fun, and so many great pieces coming home. Deciding which ones to use, I can see already will be a difficult decision!


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