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HIMH - 2021 HRC Challenge

“It takes so little to make a big impact”.

You already know Trista.   She’s the photographer behind HIMH’s visual media in Canada.   Director photos, marketplace product shots, and capturing our in-person events are all her handiwork.

Trista joined the Challenge because she was curious to see who in her community would participate.    She acknowledges that in British Columbia where she lives

Trista Photo.jpeg

there have been recent natural disasters – wildfires and mudslides.   But, she observes, “We always have our needs met in Canada.   There is a safety net.  In Haiti, there is no safety net.  Children and families are on their own to survive”.


Trista believes her contribution to HIMH brings hope, certainty and stability to the children.   She wishes for the staff and students to be energized and not feel defeated knowing that people in Canada care for them.


Trista admits she cannot cook nor bake and is feeling a bit daunted by making food from a different culture.   We know she’ll do great and look forward to seeing her end product!

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