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Sonyia Taggart-Mint

School Database Management Project

Sonyia is working on a project to consolidate all our student data since the school opened in 2011  into one Excel spreadsheet, tracking their historical enrollment and Grade advancement to current, and capturing personal bits of data we've collected. 


This work will allow easy migration into one of the data management systems she's researching to eventually "hold" all the student data and their individual photos.


When completed, we'll be able to easily track a student's progress over time, ensure records kept in Haiti and Canada are accurate and consistent, and create "student stories" to connect you more closely with the children you support!

Sonyia emigrated to Kelowna BC four years ago from the U.K.  

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Film.  Yet, she has found her passion in community development, mental health, and advocacy work.  

Sonyia works for Stepper Care Solutions and is the Co-Design Lead for Wellness Together Canada, an online mental health platform funded through Health Canada.  She is the volunteer Chair of the Central Okanagan Foundation Community Grants Committee. 

She lives with her partner, Luke, and their kitten Yuki.

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