HIMH - 2021 HRC Challenge

“I hope and pray that the students and staff [in Haiti] know that they are not alone”.

Rhonda amusingly describes herself as a “Jesus loving math nerd”.    This mom of three young adults, and teacher to hundreds of highschool students at Immaculata Regional Highschool in Kelowna, BC also tells us, “If teaching is my vocation then service is my passion.”


The passion to serve – and to teach her children and her students to live the Christian Gospel – brought her to travel to Haiti with two of her children six years ago.   Since then, she has established annual Mission Trips to Mexico with 1Mission to build houses with her Highschool students; yet continued to ponder how to help children in Haiti.


Ironically, the Covid-19 pandemic provided the opportunity.    With international travel no longer a possibility, Rhonda looked creatively at her hometown for service opportunities for her students.   Mamas for Mamas, Kelowna Gospel Mission, A Way Home Kelowna, Canadian Mental Health Association, Foundry Kelowna, and now Haiti in My Heart are charities the students have served during the pandemic.   Scroll down for a special spotlight on the IRHS Mission Team and their incredible day completing the Haitian Recipe Challenge!


Rhonda’s hope for her students is that they leave IRHS “a little kinder, a little more aware of the world and its people, a little more confident that God is trustworthy, and lot more math smart!”