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School is Open -Distribution Planned for Next Week!

We are so happy to see these faces back in the classroom! Schools are open, ours included, and businesses and shops are also open.

Being 3,000km away, it is difficult to assess how it "really" is in Haiti right now. The media reports stories they believe their readers and advertisers want told. Different parts of Haiti are reporting different realities. In the capital, Port au Prince, and other "hot spots" in the country, reports are less optimistic - some report more protests planned for next week. In the rural areas, and where our school is located, life has returned to an uneasy daily routine.

I wish I could be there. Not simply to help with the heavy work of the distribution itself. But to physically touch, hold, and give the longest hugs ever to our students, staff, and teachers. Life in Haiti is incredibly hard - every dang day. This past month, I know has pushed the emotional and psychological limits of many Haitians.

And I always worry about the children.

Our partners believe the calm is to stay .. at least for awhile ... and long enough for HIMH to distribute the food staples and supplies purchased from the Hands Up! appeal next week. HIMH is just shy of the $3,000 needed for the Canadian appeal. Our U.S. partners, L4H, are nearing their $3,000 target as well. Both our organizations are simply blessed to have such support.

Gifts are still needed, on both sides of the border. If you haven't yet had a moment to do so, we really do need you. No amount is ever "too small" - really!!

If you donate via my personal appeal on Facebook, there are no transaction fees.

Or if you're not a Facebook person, you can still donate through HIMH's website where a nominal transaction fee is charged to HIMH.

The generosity of our donors and supporters simply renders me speechless sometimes - hard to believe, I know!


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