Meals for Minds Haitian Recipe Challenge
Raising Funds to Fight Hunger in Haiti!
Dec 1 - 31, 2021

HRC, our friend-to-friend event, launched for the first time this past December to raise funds and awareness for our school feeding program, Meals for Minds.

HRC Challengers with the support of their friends, family, work colleagues, and neighbours, raised a minimum $200 each to provide a hot, daily lunch for 2 students for the entire school year.   


In fact, each of our 10 Challengers raised at least that amount, and more, providing funds to provide a hot daily lunch for 58 students this school year!   See some of our 2020 Challengers in action below!


Lunch for 10 Students!

Melinda + Aster

Lunch for 3 Students!


Lunch for 4 Students!


Lunch for 7 Students!



Lunch for 5 Students!


Lunch for 6 Students!


Lunch for 3 Students!


Lunch for 15 Students!


This year, the HRC is poised to raise $10,000 - the equivalent of providing lunch for 1/3 of our students for the school year.  

Join in on the fun - on your own, with a friend, as a family, or a work, school, or church team!   The fun begins November 2021!