Haiti Needs Us

December 1, 2022 - 

Giving Tuesday launched our December campaign and it will be the most challenging one we've undertaken to date.

Last year, we provided the school feeding program for 11 school months for $30,000.    This year, the school feeding program will cost $45,000 for the seven months of school, January - July 2023, a 42% increase, but lower than the current 300% inflation rate in Haiti, because we can purchase in large quantities.

In addition, moms and dads are struggling with the burden of feeding their families: if they had employment, they've been out of work and not receiving wages since September; food is simply unaffordable on a daily basis for the majority of families.

We are morally obligated to respond to this new level of despair and desperation.

Our families will receive a meal kit consisting of rice, beans, spaghetti, salt fish, cooking oil, spices, and dehydrated milk.   These kits will last a family for about a week, depending on family size. 

Each family meal kit will cost $80, for a total cost of $20,000.

We hope that the 300% inflation rate Haiti is experiencing will come down significantly in the New Year.    There are no guarantees.   

The family food distribution needs to happen now.  Children need food now.  Most families have been stretching their food resources unbelievably thin, or doing without.

We can't help everyone in Haiti.   We can help the 330 students and staff, and 250 families at our school.

While Giving Tuesday was a success by all measures, it is - and can only be - the beginning of our work to address the humanitarian crisis in Haiti.

The magnitude of what is needed could seem insurmountable.  It is not.  It is simply a matter of will.

Are we willing to stand by, shaking our heads at the depth of need and depravity that seems to overshadow Haiti, and wondering when it will ever end?

Or, are we willing to help, understanding that by continuing to educate the students, employing our staff, and nourishing the staff, students, and families we are effecting change in the core and depths of the human soul?   

For every child attending our school  - receiving an education, being fed and cared for - they are learning perhaps the most important lessons of all: love, kindness, community, and that there are better, non-violent means to effect change.

And so, the campaign to raise funds will continue next week.   

If you haven't yet made a gift, we encourage you to do so.   If you've never yet made a gift to HIMH, now is the time.

The Haitian Recipe Challenge is a critical event to help bridge the gap between what our HIMH community can provide, and what is needed.    Your participation reaches people and communities we don't even know - yet.   You bring awareness to the need in Haiti and provide an opportunity to take action.  Please consider participating this year - no amount raised is ever too small.

Accessing funds within your networks - at work, church, or school - on our behalf could make the decisive difference whether we reach our fundraising targets this December.

Our Giving Tuesday Team - Louise, Heidi, Shelley and Geoff - are thrilled with the results this week.    We are truly grateful for you and your giving spirit.

Now, it's time to really roll up our sleeves and get to work!