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Annual Donor

“It makes me feel so good to know that my small contributions are making a positive impact in the lives of others.”
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Rachel knows how impactful even the smallest gift may seem.   She’s a 2nd year student at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops BC, supporting herself through her post-secondary career.   Yet, Rachel makes an annual gift to support our School Feeding Program, Meals for Minds.   She knows her support directly helps children gain access to an education and helps families improve their lives.


She loves to see the direct impact that her donations have on staff and students and Haiti.  Rachel appreciates how HIMH shares the direct impact that each contribution makes and how it is improving the lives of the children and families she supports in Haiti.  She explains, “I find making a gift to HIMH [and the children and families in Haiti] such a practical and impactful way to look beyond myself and help others in need of the resources I have been so blessed with”.


Rachel shares “I am so privileged to be able to go to school without any obstacles in my way and be able to eat whenever I wish without ever worrying where my next meal will come from. Growing up in [Canada], I often forget this is not a reality for many people. HIMH has opened my eyes to the reality of many children in Haiti and the struggle they face to eat nutritious meals and attend school. I would like to be able to help more, but for now I give what I can in hopes that it can improve the lives of these students in any way”.


Rachel urges you to give, “I know it can feel like you don’t have much to offer, but any size of contribution helps. If each person gave what little they had, all together it would add to so much!”

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