Proceeds from all coffee sales in September and October will go toward our WaSH program to purchase soap, face masks, water filters, and propane gas to operate our pump.



We're now very pleased and proud to offer Singing Rooster coffee at the Haitian Market!


66% of Haitians are unemployed.   Haiti’s potential as a self-sustaining country rests, in part, with economy building:  job creation, product improvement, income diversification, and opening up markets for Haitian goods like coffee.


For each bag of coffee sold, farmers earn over $3.50 a bag and a coffee tree is planted on deforested mountains. This is significantly higher than fair trade and helps to reverse years of deforestation.


Sold in 340g bags of ground or whole bean.   Tasting notes: a deep, smoky-taste with hints of attractive bittersweet flavors and tinges of lemon; creamy dark, rich & smooth.


Create a monthly standing order and enjoy discounted pricing!   Ideal for businesses, church groups, and those who enjoy their morning coffee.  Email us at info@haitiinmyheart.ca.


$14/bag for a purchase of 3-5 bags per month

$12/bag for a purchase of 6+ bags per month


Click here to find out more about our partner, Singing Rooster.

Singing Rooster Coffee

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