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HIMH - 2021 HRC Coordinator

“The Haitian Recipe Challenge is a great team-builder!”

Meet Maya A, our Volunteer Intern Coordinator for the Haitian Recipe Challenge this year.   She is a Grade 10 student at Kelowna Secondary School.   A candidate for the Bronze medal in the Duke of Edinburgh program, she expects to receive her award this summer 2022.


Maya jumped at the opportunity to help with the Haitian Recipe Challenge as she was looking for a volunteer placement that would help others and enable her to work one to one with people.   In her role, Maya designed and created our Haitian Recipe Challenge participant thank you packages; worked with the Immaculata Regional Highschool Students to prepare and put together the packages; and will now help HIMH recognize all our campaign donors who contribute a gift of $100 or more.


Maya wanted to help HIMH with the Challenge this year because the school and HIMH has grown so much and knows administrative help is needed.   She is confident that her volunteer work with HIMH will help Meals for Minds and the Haitian Recipe Challenge be successful in raising the necessary funds to provide a daily lunch to all 300 students in this December’s campaign.  


She says to young people interested in the Challenge, “do it!   It’s a great and easy way to support a global initiative and to work on ending issues like poverty and malnutrition”.  She is thrilled to see teams join the Challenge this year and encourages all kinds of teams and groups to participate: church youth groups, school clubs, youth service clubs, businesses, and sports team.  

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