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Monthly Donor

“To be able to support just one child’s education is a privilege and honor.”
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Marie’s first in depth introduction to Haiti was watching a film in a community-based setting about the foreign politics and corruption prevalent in Haiti.   She walked away from the experience heartbroken that such experiences continue to exist in the world.   In the same evening, she ran into a friend at a local coffee shop.  She shared her experience and sadness about Haiti and its people.  The friend knew about HIMH and informed her all about the charity!  She contacted Louise, HIMH’s Chair, that very evening asking how she could help.


Since that meeting three years ago, Marie has become an ardent HIMH supporter.  She’s a monthly donor, provides additional gifts for special projects and appeals, and shares HIMH’s work on her social media feeds.   Marie also assisted HIMH with purchasing the rights to a film, Serenade for Haiti, and coordinating viewings of this special, inspiring film to raise funds for HIMH.   Marie is often a vendor at various market and craft fairs; she regularly brings HIMH’s Haitian Marketplace items, in particular Haitian made metalwork words, coffee, and stone painted hearts. 


As a trauma-informed counsellor Marie knows well the impact civil unrest, corruption, poverty, and malnutrition impacts the brain, our ability to form relationships and attachments, and our capacity to learn, work, and play.   Marie believes her support of our Haitian children and families keeps their spirits alive, knowing that there are people who care for them.   She hopes they feel a spark of connection that helps them access trust, faith, hope, care and love extended through an invisible thread.   Ultimately, she believes her and HIMH’s work helps counteract and heal the difficulties of daily life in Haiti.   She says, “[The Haitian people’s] resilience is awe inspiring – we have to support them – its time the people of Haiti are recognized for their resilience”.


Marie hopes to travel to Haiti and visit Institute Mixte Remax to meet the staff and children in person.  She knows children are the future and wants to help children in Haiti receive an education so they make good choices for themselves, their families, and their country.


She is grateful for her introduction to HIMH, and the opportunity to share her talents, social networks and gifts.  “I think of them and send them blessings every morning when I make my morning coffee from my yummy Haiti coffee stash.  I am forever grateful to have met Louise and feel the love and dedication she has for this school and these children and I am forever inspired by Haiti in my Heart”.

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