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HIMH Donor

“Knowing that more children and their families have full tummies with nutritional foods is a comforting, rewarding feeling.”
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Joan, a retired primary school teacher of 30 years knows well the thrill of learning.   The opportunity to provide this feeling to underprivileged children in Haiti, along with developing their skills and talents and achieving academic success brings her great joy and satisfaction.   Joan is a regular donor with HIMH and is celebrating her 5 year ‘donor-versary’ this year!

Joan knows well the impact of her generosity.   The staff have the tools and resources to deliver a meaningful educational program that meets the needs of a diverse student population.   She knows the purchase of food means our cooks can prepare nutritional food that allows our students to learn, participate, and achieve academic success.


Joan recognizes the difficult environment in Haiti: natural disasters, political unrest, and turmoil.   Even so, Joan continues to support HIMH and our staff, students and families because, “monies donated to HIMH go directly to keep the school running and not for costly administration fees which is the case with many charitable organizations.  As a result, it’s good to know that in spite of disasters and political unrest, there is less disruption to the students’ schooling and regular meals”.  


She remains steadfast in her hope for the future of Haiti and its children affirming,  “these children will make positive changes to their community and country.”

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