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Sabotage A Haitian Recipe Challenger!

When you "purchase" a sabotage, you are helping each Challenger raise more funds for our school lunch program, Meals for Minds.   And, the Challenger must do or wear the sabotage item when creating their recipe!   


Each Challenger will be providing photos/video to HIMH of the process and completion of their Challenge, which we will post on our social media channels.   Be sure to follow, like, and share us Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

All sabotages are eligible for a Canadian charitable tax receipt!

To Sabotage a Challenger:

1. Choose your M4M Haitian Recipe Challenger, below.

2. Select the type of sabotage.   Only 1 type of sabotage is available for each individual participant.  When registered as a team, each team participant can be sabotaged with the full line of sabotages!

3. Add it to your cart and make your payment.

4. HIMH will notify the Challenger of the sabotage.

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