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"You create opportunities for education"

Emanise is one of our longest standing teachers, beginning her career at Institute Mixte Remax in September 2012, teaching our Grade 1 students.   
She has experienced and witnessed first-hand the school’s growth from the single two-classroom building and 50 students to the current 3 building, 10 classroom, 330 student campus that is now the school.   She is one of our “original” teachers who worked unpaid in her first teaching year, trusting that the school would flourish.  


Before the school opened, she witnessed many children in the community not attending school.   Since the school opened in 2011, she sees the positive impact it has had on the community’s children and families.   She credits the access to education (tuition, books, and uniforms are provided at the school) and daily meal to the transformation.

She gains enjoyment in her teaching, particularly when she witnesses students’ growth in their learning.  


Currently, she worries that her students are experiencing more stress because of the difficult situation in Haiti and gives them as much love as she can during their time at school in her classroom.

Emanise tells us she wants the school’s donors to know that she appreciates the help they give to her, the school, and the community of Montrouis.

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