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Dianna Tatham

Haiti Liaison

Dianna traveled to Haiti for the first time in September of 2012 to distribute shoes and clothes to Haitian children and adults in need.  She instantly felt a calling to continue to help the hard-working people of this country. While on this trip, she became instant friends with the interpreter for the trip, Paul. 

With help from Paul to coordinate another trip, she traveled back to Haiti in December of 2012. 


While on this trip she visited what was once our "small" school, Institute Mixte Remax that was providing free education to the children of the area.    As a teacher with a passion for helping children, this trip inspired her even more to dedicate as much time and energy as possible to provide assistance to support the Institution Mixte Remax (IMR).

In 2012 she founded the American non-profit, LOVE for Haiti. LOVE for Haiti began partnering with Haiti in My Heart in 2017, and Dianna joined the board of directors of HIMH so that the organizations could work seamlessly together to continue providing a quality education and safe learning environment for our students and staff.  Dianna has travelled to Haiti a total of 9 times since 2012 to continue our work there.


Dianna currently lives in Kennesaw, Georgia with her husband Matt and son, Xander.  

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