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HIMH Donor

“We are all
called to serve”
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Dallas’ heart for the poor and impoverished began nearly six decades ago.   As a young newly wed man, he and his wife, Carolyn, went to De’Aar South Africa in the late 1960’s on a three year mission trip.   While there, his wife practiced her nursing skills with moms and babies and Dallas oversaw the daily operations of St. John’s Mission.  Together they supervised the operations of a boys’ live-in boarding school, providing an education, food, and healthcare to the students, and food and healthcare to the boy’s families.

Dallas witnessed apartheid, racism, and abject poverty first-hand.   Yet the communities in which he and Carolyn served and the South African people they worked alongside held experiences that demonstrated the will of the human spirit and the positive outcomes that occur even in difficult and impossible situations.

Dallas’ grandson was born in Haiti.  When presented with the opportunity to visit his grandchild’s birth country, he jumped at the chance.   While there, he visited the orphanage that was his grandson’s home for his first 4 years of life, historical sites and museums to learn more about Haiti’s history and culture, and HIMH’s school Institute Mixte Remax when it was just 2 buildings, 4 classrooms and 50 students!


Dallas believes “everyone has a generous heart; and everyone has an opportunity to be of service and be generous”.    He puts this belief into action on a regular basis serving on his church’s Finance Committee advocating for supporting local and international charities like HIMH.   Dallas shares his wealth with our children and families in Haiti throughout the year and encourages others to join the HIMH community.    He says, “I witness the wonderful work HIMH does.   HIMH is a vibrant, ethical charity lead by a dedicated group of volunteer board members who through their work at IMR provide hope for the people of Haiti”.

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