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Student Sponsor

"It feels good to help!"

Brigitte is a married, self-employed mom of four children aged 9 to 22.  She shared that a recent goal she’s undertaking is to help – big or small – 1,000 families each year over the next five years.   Brigitte and her family have already been taking care of a family in Haiti for nearly 5 years!   They’ve been sponsoring Delna since January 2017, providing for her educational needs and ensuring she receives a daily lunch at the school.   Because Brigitte and her family care for Delna, Delna’s parents and other siblings are taken care of, too. Delna’s family can stretch their personal finances and household food budget because Brigitte and her family provide for Delna’s school expenses and daily lunch meal.

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Brigitte was inspired to join with Haiti in My Heart to provide access to education and end malnutrition when HIMH’s Chair, Louise, was sharing in real time on social media her work trip at the school in January 2017.   She learned just how inexpensive – by Canadian standards – it is to provide an education and a meal for a student.  Just $50/month.   Yet, parents in Haiti are unable to afford this expense, often having to choose between their children who will attend school each year.  


Brigitte tells us, “we have so many opportunities for education.  And to be able to help someone else in a country that doesn’t have the same kind of resources that Canada does, it makes me happy!   Education will help that child and anyone associated with that child to have a better life.   Ultimately, you want the child and those around them to have a better life”.


Brigitte also supports our school feeding program, Meals for Minds, in addition to her support for Delna and her family.  She wants children to have the energy to be a kid, to learn, and to play. 


When asked why she supports Haiti in My Heart when there are so many worthy charities in Canada,  Brigitte compliments HIMH saying she knows how well the charity is operated.   She loves that because the administration expense is low, the majority of her gifts go right where it is intended – to the children, staff, and families in need.  

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