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HIMH Donor

“People all around the globe are essentially the same and have the same basic needs.”

As a speech language pathologist, Ali understands the value of learning, and feels grateful that she can play a role in helping children in Haiti attain an education, despite the many hardships they endure.    She believes children in Haiti deserve to have food regularly in their bellies and has faith that providing an education and daily lunch inspires hope in the students, their families, and the community.


Ali has travelled extensively throughout the world including Peru, the South Pacific, and parts of Asia.   As she tells it, she has seen the “graciousness and love in people, regardless of their language, culture, religion, and socio-economic level” both abroad and here in Canada.   These experiences make it easy for Ali and her husband to share what they have with others.


She chooses to support HIMH because, “it is well-run with integrity and heart”, and feels all children deserve to have opportunities to learn and grow, just like children in Canada.   Ali hopes that HIMH’s students will learn skills, gain knowledge, confidence, and independence to become leaders in their community and country, and to make good decisions for the betterment of their people’s lives.

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