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Launch Into Summer Fun!
Launch into summer fun and help us launch learners by gifting a student with the books and uniform they need!

A good portion of the operating resources needed each year comes from our student sponsorship program; our monthly giving program; and donors who make gifts throughout the year.   However, these gifts do not - yet! - cover all the operating expenses for the school.

Until that day we are "puzzled" each summer with how to ensure our staff and students have the basic resources to teach and to learn: textbooks and uniforms (a requirement for school attendance).

This June, help us "solve" our operating puzzle by helping us solve an actual puzzle!

50% of our Puzzle is "Solved" Already!
Reveal a puzzle piece by making a $50 gift towards a set of books and uniform for one of our students.   
** Generous gifts reveal the puzzle faster!
Reveal - Email.jpg
Include Others in the Fun!

Each Tuesday, we'll email and post on our social media (Facebook, Insta, and Twitter) an updated puzzle image, revealing more of the puzzle as gifts are made.  Invite your friends and family to make a gift and help the HIMH community solve the puzzle!

On Thursdays, we'll email and post a poll to guess the image.   Can you and your friends guess the image correctly before it's revealed?!

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