The idea of "eliminating poverty" - one of the UN's Social Development Goals - or "educating children" - declared an inalienable right of children worldwide in the UN's 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child - can seem unbeatable, or like a very small drop in a very large bucket!

With education, the ripple effects are massive.    When an individual can read, write, and understand their world, it affects positively not only their abilities and capacities, but also the people with whom they share a household, their children (and future children who are also much more likely to also receive an education), and their community.


10 easy ways to create a ripple effect!

Spread the Word About HIMH

Follow HIMH on facebook  and twitter; like and share the posts and tweets!

Invite Us to Your Next Group Meeting, Business Event, Classroom, Youth Group ....

Invite us to come speak with your church or business group, your service club or professional meeting, classroom, scouts/pathfinders /youth group.  Or, invite us to your home for an intimate gathering of your friends to talk deeply about Haiti and how education turns the tides of poverty.

Peer to Peer Fundraising

You can create raise funds for Haiti in My Heart on Facebook!   Set up your fundraiser in less than 5 minutes.  Your friends, family, and social networks can make an impact in a child's life, providing the gift of education.   All donations are eligible for a Canadian tax receipt; and there are no transaction fees - 100% of your gift goes to educating children.


Click below, or email us to explore how you can help HIMH with your next milestone birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion!

Offer Your Talents

We have individuals working with HIMH across Canada.   With technology, geographic location is not a barrier to participation.

Start A Monthly Gift

Monthly gifts provide sustainability and stability.   These gifts assist us with our planning - for regular daily needs at the school - and for any improvements or special projects that are needed.

Gifts can be made in any amount, and can be automated using your credit card, debit card, or paid by cheque and mailed to our office address here:

Haiti in My Heart Society

434 Glenwood Avenue

Kelowna BC   V1Y 5M1

Gift a Full Sponsorship

HIMH's family of annual student sponsors is growing.  These special individuals are matched with a student and receive photos and updates of their student three times during the school year.  


A full sponsorship costs less than $2/day ($500/year).   The sponsorship amount can also be shared among friends, family members, work colleagues, a service club, a classroom - you get the idea!   


Gifts can be made automated using your credit card, debit card, or paid by cheque and mailed to our office address here:

Haiti in My Heart Society

434 Glenwood Avenue

Kelowna BC   V1Y 5M1

Travel with HIMH

Travel is a big commitment!   But, if your heart is calling you to an experience of human connection in a personal and tangible way, consider joining HIMH on a mission trip.  


Our next trip is Feb 15-22, 2020

Sign Up for HIMH's Quarterly Newsletter

The newsletter will keep you informed about what's happening at the school and with HIMH.   Delivered direct to your inbox, to be read with your morning cup of joe! 

Shop the Haitian Marketplace

The proceeds of every dollar you spend goes to where you intended it - to educate children. 


All items are purchased locally in Haiti so your purchase not only supports our work, but also supports an artisan in Haiti and his/her family and the economy of the community.

Want to purchase a particular item, but don't see it?   Let us know!   Our shopping trips are held annually.

Workplace Charitable Giving Program

Does your workplace have a corporate charitable giving program for their employees?   Make HIMH your preferred charitable organization!

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